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We've listed a sampling of the products we offer you below.  We have such a large selection of products for you to choose from we couldn't list all of them on this page. So come by our store and see everything we have to offer you at very affordable prices, you won't be disappointed.

Handcrafted Glycerin Soaps:
- We offer our own line of handcrafted glycerin soaps made from high quality natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly and safe.  Glycerin soap has many positive benefits such as being recommended by doctors in helping with some skin disorders, has moisturizing qualities which saves you money by not having to buy body washes and creams and it doesn't leave that annoying soap residue in your shower.  Try a bar and see for yourself.

Bath & Body Items:
- We offer a very nice selection of bath and body items including our all natural foot repair products & lip balms and a luxurious selection of chill pills & body bursts for your shower.  We have many other personal care items that we know will spoil you.

Dining & Wine Accessories:
- We offer a very nice selection of single & multi-pack absorbent coasters, absorbent car coasters, glass & wood cutting boards & trays, bamboo cutting boards & dining accessories, mugs, travel mugs & tumblers, koozies, trivets, lazy susan's, wine glasses, wine bottle holders, charms & stoppers, hand towels & hot pads and many other items that will peek your interest.

Home Accents & Decor:
- We offer a very nice selection of items including handcrafted lace, pillows & floor mats, metal, wood & resin chimes, figurines, computer mouse pads and many other items that we know will add to your home decor.

Metal & Wood Wall Decor:
- We offer a very nice selection of exclusive metal decor by 'Regal Art & Gift' as well as other wood, metal & resin decor including pictures, wall figurines, key holders, signs and many other items that will make your walls stand out.

Handcrafted Tide Clocks:
- We offer a very nice selection of wood & resin tide clocks made by an experienced 'USA' clock maker. Our tide clocks come with a full 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Please note that our tide clocks are designed for use with Atlantic Ocean tides.

Outdoor & Garden Accents:
- We offer a very nice selection of items for outdoors including garden flags & stands, garden stakes, solar lights, bird houses, key hiders, stepping stones and many other items that will add to your outdoor accents.

Handblown Glass Items:
- We offer a very nice selection of handblown glass such as vases, jewelry, figurines, paperweights and many other items that will enhance your home of office.

Handcrafted Sand Items:
- We offer a very nice selection of handcrafted sand items made here in Florida including sand castles, wall decor, figurines and many other items that we know you will enjoy showing off in your home or office.

Sea Shells:
- We offer a very nice selection of 'real' sea shells including handcrafted sea shell lamps & nite lights, hand decorated starfish & sandollar magnets & ornaments, sea shell business card holders as well as many other sea shell related items for your home, office or outdoors.

Pewter Jewelry:
- We offer a very nice selection of pewter jewelry including necklaces, earrings, key chains, ornaments, trinket boxes and many other items we know you'll enjoy owning.  Some of our pewter items include an automatic donation by us towards the environment and protection of wild life.

Plush Pets:
- We offer a very nice selection of plush pets including 'gators', dolphins, manatees, orca's, frogs, birds, dogs, cats and many other plush items that we know you'll love to cuddle with.  All of our plush pets are US government approved.

Greeting Cards:
- We offer a very nice selection of everyday environmentally friendly greeting cards as well as note cards, list pads, 3-D bookmarks and many other items for your everyday use.

Sweets & Treats:
- We offer a very delicious selection of chocolates, taffy & gum made here in Florida.  We also have many other items that we're sure will satisfy that sweet tooth you may have.

Games & Puzzles:
- We offer a very nice selection of various games & puzzles from the beginner to the expert and for all ages.  We know you and your family will have many hours of enjoyment using these fun items.

Dragons / Angels / Fairies / Mermaids:
- We offer a very nice selection of dragons & skulls, angels, fairies, mermaids & dolphins.  Some of our dragon & fairy selections are from well known and respected designers.

Scented Candles & Accessories:
- We offer a very nice selection of scented wickless wax spheres from 'Habersham' as well as other scented candles, candle stands, decorative metal votive holders and many other candle & accessory selections that will add to your home or office decor.

- We offer a very nice selection of fun to wear T-Shirts created by a well know artist that will be the center of any conversation with family and friends.  Try one on for size and see for yourself.